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Blackened torch songs
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About Ghostbound
Blackened torch songs exploring themes of life, loss, grief, wanderings both inner and outer, and the ghosts both friendly and vicious that hover beside us all. Ghostbound has one step in realms otherworldly and another on terra firma. Ghostbound's greatest strength is to defy easy categorization.

Founded in 2013 by guitarist/frontperson Alec A. Head and bassist Noah Shaul, Ghostbound was meant to finally and fully realize all of the songs that Head had amassed over better part of the previous two decades. Upon completion of their debut record, 2018's elegiac and sprawling All is Phantom, Ghostbound saw fit to expand its lineup, adding guitarist Talha Alvie (ex-The D/A Method, _skeletonflowers) to the fold in addition to a revolving door of drummers in an effort to play live and work on new material. 2021's maritime-themed Extended Play For My Sweet Mary Thyme followed. After a few line-up changes, Ghostbound is now fully outfitted with its strongest roster to date, with explosive live-shows and an assiduous effort to release its unique brand of atmospheric, cinematic metal to the world.

Ghostbound, in its current incarnation:

Alec A. Head - lead voices, guitars, atmospherics Talha Alvie - guitars, backing voices, keys and synths Noah Shaul - bass, backing voices Bill Ferullo - keys and synthesizers, atmospherics Steve Pleznarski - drums and percussion