AMPWALL is a platform for bands, musicians, artists, fans, and the scenes that they build together.
Sell your music and merchandise with better tools and lower fees.
DIY musician owned and built in NYC. Ampwall is a public benefit company and committed to supporting the arts.
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AMPWALL home - Grzesiek Czapla by Caroline Harrison
Grzesiek Czapla of Woe by Caroline Harrison
Ampwall FAQ (Early Access)
Updated April 24, 2024
Ampwall is an early stage startup currently only open to friends, family and potential partners. This document will expand as it grows.

What is Ampwall?

Ampwall is a platform for bands/musicians/music people to share, promote, and sell their music and merchandise.

Where can I see an actual page?

You can check out our MVP artist page at Buy a shirt while you're at it.

What has been built so far?

We're moving fast! Our first MVP focuses on the e-commerce product fundamentals. This includes things like:
  • - Artist creation
  • - Create merchandise and music with basic pages containing images and info
  • - Streaming digital audio on the page and embeddable in social media where supported
  • - Add to cart, purchase items
  • - Multi-artist and multi-origins supported in single carts
  • - Optional shipping calculations to supported addresses
  • - DRM-free audio downloads and transcodes to various formats
  • - Shipping dashboard with optional Shippo integration.

What's coming next?

We are currently sprinting towards testing with artists and labels that are operated by people outside of our team. This is planned for the end of 2023 / early 2024. If you are interested in being an early testing partner, please get in touch through [email protected]!
Along the way, we'll continue adding to artist profiles and tools to help promote releases, connect with supporters, and strengthen scenes. We have an ambitious roadmap for Ampwall that combines familliar elements with insight that feels wholly unique.

When will public signups begin?

We hope to start sending out invitations in the spring of 2024.

I'm not a metal or rock musician. Am I still welcome on Ampwall?

Of course! Usage of an amplifier is not required. We chose this name because it makes us happy and evokes a special something for us. We listen to a diverse range of music and are excited to welcome artists from all genres and walks of life onto Ampwall.

How much does Ampwall cost?

Right now, we're looking at per-transaction fees in the ballpark of 5% plus payment processing fees, which are usually 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.
We are highly motivated to keep fees low. We've felt the sting of high fees and know that as sales volume increases, they can add up and feel outrageous. It's our priority to run a sustainable business without expecting our most successful sellers to pay a disproportionate brunt of the costs.

How do users pay? How do sellers get paid?

Users pay through credit card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Cash App, and others. Ampwall is using PayPal to process payments. Sellers will create a PayPal account during signup and connect their bank account for direct deposits.

Who is behind Ampwall?

Ampwall is the long-imagined project of Chris Grigg, a musician and software engineer based in New York.
Chris has been playing in bands for more than 20 years, including Woe, which started as a solo project in 2007. Woe has released four albums with a fifth due in September 2023 and toured throughout North America and Europe. Chris is also the drummer for the death metal band Glorious Depravity.
He has also recorded and mixed albums for many bands. Full discography here.
Chris was the first software engineer at Proteus Motion where he worked alongside the team to conceive and build the software side of the business. Proteus raised some $4-5M in funding during his tenure. Prior to Ampwall, he was a Staff Engineer at Shippo primarily focused on their new core web product's UI.
Ampwall is supported by a motivated group of friends and collaborators. Engineers and designers contributing to the platform and musicians who provide invaluable feedback and guidance.

How is Ampwall funded? Who's paying for all this?

Right now, Ampwall is entirely self-funded. We have not ruled out taking on outside investment, but our immediate priority is building an absolutely killer product that people can start using.

What is Ampwall's history?

Chris's first attempt at building a pay-what-you-want download service was in 2008. Built to sell Woe's first album, "A Spell for the Death of Man", the original product worked well enough that some friends asked to use it, then some strangers. It hung around for a year or so before better options popped up.
Almost 15 years later, while preparing to sell his latest release, he realized that despite the proliferation of options, there was still no single product that offered the combination of features he needed as an independant musician. Armed with years of software experience, he started building the service he was looking for.
Ampwall began development in January 2023. The company was incorporated in June 2023.

Why would someone use Ampwall when there are bigger and more established options?

Ampwall can offer a few things the big guys cannot.
  • Lower fees. Ampwall is a small operation with lower costs. We can beat them on price.
  • Technology. Have you noticed some of the existing options starting to feel a little... crusty? I'm not talking about Dystopia. We're building from the ground up with learnings we've developed over years of using what's out there. Frankly: we can build a better product.
  • Ethics. Ampwall is registered as a public benefit company which means that we are legally obligated to consider the impact of our decisions on society in addition to profit. Our commitment to the arts is baked into the company's incorporation documents.
  • DIY roots. Ampwall is a DIY musician owned and operated company. We are its first testers and users and our requirements are always paramount. This is a stark contrast to the rest of the market, where the major players areall publicly traded mega-corporations.
  • Obsessed with your band. Not in a weird way, don't worry. The only way for Ampwall to succeed is for you to succeed, and we are committed to making that happen. We are always available to answer questions, take feedback, solve problems, and help you out.
  • Different is good. Diversity of perspective leads to better outcomes. Competition is good for the market, good for artists. We do not accept that we should all be using the same few corporate platforms to share and sell our work.

How do I contact you? How do I sign up?

Ampwall is currently available to a limited group of testers.
Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates.
Emails can be directed to [email protected] or you can reach Chris directly at [email protected].