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Sun Stain
Sun Stain
Negative Bliss is:

Jonathan Hernandez - bass, vocals Jonathan Meyer - drums Paul Shryock - guitar, vocals Steve Wiener - guitar, vocals

Music by Jonathan Hernandez, Jonathan Meyer, Paul Shryock, and Steven Wiener Lyrics by Jonathan Hernandez and Steven Wiener

Engineered and recorded by Negative Bliss in New Jersey, USA Mixed and Mastered by Steven Wiener Drums mixed by Chris Barber Art and logo by Paul Shryock Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

Sun Stain (Single)

February 29th, 2024
1 track
Our first release, and the first song we wrote together. The song through which we formed our bond.

Sun Stain is a crushing doom metal song with a hardcore edge, culminating in a cathartic and sludgy post-metal catharsis.

Lyrically, Sun Stain is about finding peace through disillusionment; about rejecting long-held beliefs once thought to be truth.