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Born in 2016. Cinematic atmospheres, metal, sparse acoustics.
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Joy: it's really done
May 05, 2024
Joy is done, and I'm shopping it to labels to see if there is any interest in a license. I'm keeping expectations hyper-realistic, but also pushing it hard.

If nothing comes to pass, a DIY plan is ready to go.

I hope some of ya'll Doom II freaks are ready for a new favorite.
Tracking for Joy is done!
Apr 19, 2024
I'm stoked to say that Joy is completely tracked. Next up: some vocal edits and mixdown & master of the last tune. Then I'll see how I want to proceed in terms of shopping it around. End of Summer release looks feasible, but still a bit early to say.

I posted my first YouTube short about it. Huh, similar engagement to my Insta Reels, despite a fraction of the followers. 🤔